If you’ve arrived here looking for a swing set, info on the latest Tarzan movie, or how to improve your golf swing, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, if you’re looking for a safe, confidential, and fun place to pursue and cultivate relationships between swinging open-minded adults, then look no further.

Swinging is here to stay. It’s been around for centuries in various forms and incarnations. Today, Swinging is more popular than ever and more accessible than at any other time with the advent of the Internet. As in early Rome, the Forum was the place to be seen and heard. Swingers.net will be continuing this fine tradition by providing a Swingers forum of your own. 

At Swingers.net we’re dedicated to your enjoyment and we plan to reveal great new features and events as your pleasure level increases. 

There is much to know in the great big wonderful world of Swinging with so little time to learn. Keep your eye on the ball and your browser at Swingers.net for all the latest Swingers news.

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